Outstream Makes Big Push for Video Advertising Accessibility

8c6b860d02fda773ce3064300416A recently rolled out web service, Outstream.com, is tapping into the rapidly growing online video advertising market.

The company is aiming to provide better monetization solutions for small and medium web publishers.

“There’s currently a major disconnect between what the average website can offer and where advertising is headed,” said Hyaat Chaudhary, founder and chief executive officer of Outstream.com. “Advertisers are shifting spends from TV and banner ads to digital video and can’t find enough quality inventory.”

Outstream.com is an innovative outstream video platform for web publishers. Unlike traditional online video advertising that plays before or after a video, outstream is online video advertising that plays in-content.

The company says digital video advertising spending nationally is predicted to quadruple from $6.84 billion in 2015, to $28.08 billion in 2020.