‘Ouidoo Gaian Scene’ Augmented Reality Smartphone Debuts, Aims To Create AR Standard

'Ouidoo Gaian Scene' Augmented Reality Smartphone Debuts, Aims To Create AR StandardAs an example of how the U.S is left in the dust by other parts of the world in terms of mobile technology, enter the “Ouidoo Gaian Scene,” an impressive new device that just debuted in China.  With it also comes the intention to create the first standard for mobile augmented reality or “Articulated Naturality Web (ANW)” as its being called.

The Ouidoo Gaian Scene, from QderoPateo, is a smartphone device and mobile OS specifically suited for augmented reality, and specifically AR as it relates to the mobile Web.  The device is capable of 3D images, sports a ton of processing power and packs a ton of potential related to AR apps- making it a truly unique device and a first of its kind.

As an example of its power, the device uses what’s known as the “Divinitus Chipset” which consists of a 26 Core CPU which is capable of processing information at 8 Gigaflops.  A gigaflop is a billion floating-point operations per second, or in other words, faster than any smartphone we can buy.

“This device is the most powerful and efficient mobile device in the world in terms both its processing capability and low energy consumption,” said Steve Chao, Co-founder of QderoPateo. “Where other devices are limited by provisioning specific processors to handle specific tasks, the Ouidoo system’s multiple-core processors scale efficiently to meet the needs of the whatever task is needed — from video and data integration to rendering complex 3D objects quickly and projecting them into the natural environment for a truly immersive Articulated Naturality experience.”

What’s even more unique is the initiative behind the device.  QderoPateo has partnered with Datang Digital, a Chinese wireless provider, to distribute the device and the technology it runs on.  The two companies are working together to create and implement a standard for using the concept of Articulated Naturality, or Augmented Reality as we know it, by leveraging a strategic partnership with the Chinese Academy of Science.

The standard would be called Articulated Naturality Web (ANW) and could act as a foundation for the advancement of the technology in general.  ANW is the proprietary engine that makes articulated naturality possible by combining computer vision (optical recognition PTAM/PTAMM), artificial intelligence and ambient intelligence- all of which is delivered through the Ouidoo Gaian Scene.

ANW is the first step in the creation of an entirely new digital eco-system standard that converges the Internet as we know it with the real world.  With Articulated Naturality, users can play games and interact with 3D avatars, tag their environment with information for other users and actually project the Internet into an urban environment.

The concept of augmented reality isn’t featured much in the U.S, but is one those technologies that is seeing a lot of movement in areas like China and Japan.  By taking steps to not only bring devices to market, but to also advance the concept of mobile AR in general is a big deal in that part of the world.  One day, that wave of technology will hit the U.S.  Until then, we can gaze at yet another amazing smartphone we can never get our hands on.