OtherLevels Launches ‘Intelligent Messaging’ for Better Customer Engagement

OtherLevels has launched “Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels,” billed as a unique market leading solution creating closer engagement between enterprises and their customers.

Simply put, the Intelligent Messaging platform uses machine learning and big data to increase customer engagement through precise targeted message delivery.

“No other platform is able to maximize reach to 100 percent of audiences across opted-in and non opted-in users, while simultaneously making it easier for marketers to focus on campaign and journey creation,” said a company spokesperson.

According to a statement provided to MMW, “Intelligent Messaging is a revolutionary approach to customer engagement best practice that leverages machine learning and big data to build a comprehensive profile of each customer, which is then able to determine the optimal channel and message type to reach that user. By making use of Intelligent Messaging, brands can maximize the likelihood that their content is viewed and interacted with by the audience, hence increasing engagement, retention and revenue back to the brand.”

Existing marketing tools, like those with a single channel orientation (email or push notifications, for instance) require the marketer to pre-determine the channel or message type — a more complicated and inefficient process.

“Intelligent Messaging by OtherLevels is breakthrough technology,” asserted CEO Ramsey Masri. ‘The future of messaging is being able to interact with your audience irrespective of message type, whether traditional or new, with many triggered in the moment – not the legacy first generation approach of ‘segment and send’. Only OtherLevels is thinking deeply and executing on the vision of second generation marketing automation.”