Oscar Winning Director Tapped for iPhone Ad

It looks like Apple has big plans for the promotional push for the new iPhone.

While TV commercials are nothing new for Apple, commercials directed by Academy Award winning filmmakers aren’t so commonplace.

That is, however, until now.

According to multiple published reports today, Apple’s new TV commercials for the 4th generation iPhone will be directed by Sam Mendes, the celebrated director of the hit film “American Beauty.”

Now in pre-production, the television commercials will emphasize the upgraded iPhone’s video chat capabilities. Although it isn’t yet known when the spots will begin turning up on air or online, Apple is expected to unveil the 4th generation iPhone at the 2010 WWDC at the Moscone West in San Francisco, California.

This week Apple announced that Steve Jobs will lead off the event June 7th with a keynote address scheduled for 10 a.m. PST.

While little is known for certain about the commercials in development, auditions were held to cast the stars of the Sam Mendes-directed iPhone ads. In one commercial, a made-for-TV mom and daughter will enjoy a bonding moment in conversation over the new video chat capability of the iPhone.