Orbitz Customizes Their App For The Apple Watch

Orbitz Customizes Their App For The Apple WatchOrbitz is one of the most well-respected online travel reservation specialists in the world. They continue to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to online and mobile reservations, which is why their mobile app is an award-winning one.

In a recent announcement Orbitz shared their latest innovation, a customized app designed especially for the Apple Watch, which just began rolling out to consumers on Friday.

Where this apps differs from their standard app is that it makes it faster and easier to obtain real-time travel alerts. This includes access to travel itineraries, reservation numbers, and even real-time notification of travel delays sent via push notifications.

In fact, as of 24 hours prior to the traveler’s next trip, the app automatically updates to Glances. This means that travelers can instantly see pertinent details such as the status of their flight, rental car pickup and drop-off times, hotel check-in and checkout information, the gate their flight is departing from, even which baggage claim to head to. The app even offers real-time directions from the traveler’s current location, to the airport, the car rental agency, or even their hotel.