Orange and Danal Claim Glomo Mobile Connect Award

Orange, a behemoth Mobile Network Operator (MNO), and Danal, Inc., a global leader in mobile identity and authentication solutions, have just announced that they have won the 2017 Glomo Award for Mobile Connect Authentication and Identity in the Connected Life Category.

According to a provided statement, the award recognized Danal and Orange’s Check & Go product powered with Mobile Connect (MC) and was presented recently at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Check & Go MC provides its partners with a suite of innovative and easy-to-implement solutions facilitating the digital life of the end-users and mitigating remote identity fraud while improving the user experience. It is a direct and clear demonstration of and contribution to the GSMA’s Mobile Connect program and is a typical example of a B2B2C ecosystem involving different MNOs and digital service providers.

“Until now, performing physical identity checks was straight forward and easy with the individual present in-person with a reliable identity document,” says Atreedev Banerjee, GM EMEA and VP of Identity Products at Danal Inc. “With digital life, performing the identification online remotely, at the same time keeping it seamless and secure, is the new world challenge. Identity Proof done, for example, to create an online account is where this solution thrives. Validating the user’s identity via the association of the user’s possession of the mobile phone, along with the verified user’s account managed by the MNO, network details, geolocation and user’s behavioral patterns on the network exemplifies this process. It is the first time that such a combination of MNO assets with digital ID document verification will be provided to banks, merchants and e-payment providers at a global scale.”