Oracle Helping Marketers Accurately Target Consumers Across Multiple Channels

Oracle Helping Marketers Accurately Target Consumers Across Multiple ChannelsThe Oracle Data Marketing Platform is a marketing solution designed to help marketers with their cross-channel marketing endeavors. Since different sectors of a brand or product’s target audience utilizes online and offline channels differently, a one-size-fits-all approach is not an effective course of action.

According to a recent report by Forrester Research, 82% of all marketers do not have a unified view of their customers. To simplify how to maximize engagement across multiple channels, Oracle Marketing Cloud will make a few new improvements that will be available later this month.

This includes:

  • Tools designed to retarget across multiple channels.
  • Analytics designed to achieve a greater understanding of their consumer’s wants and needs.
  • New methods of finding the “ideal” customer.

“True customer centricity only happens when companies can unify their marketing data with the execution of messaging with that data under one umbrella,” says John Stetic, group vice president of products at Oracle Marketing Cloud. “This integration allows marketers to better understand the attributes and behaviors of their ideal customers and orchestrate an experience tailored to each one of them. By delivering more-relevant experiences, marketers can build long-term relationships with their customers that drive revenue and better lifetime value.”