Options Traders To Rescue Motorola?

MotorolaMotorola, who has just been getting blasted all year saw their stock rise 2.4% yesterday and it wasn’t based on sales performance or some new handset that’s gonna drive consumers wild like Razor did. Nope, it was market players according to the WSJ.

The article, written by Tennille Tracy went on to state that the traders ignored the downgrade on Motorola by Thomas Weisel Partners Group (I dug it up here) and pushed the daily volume well above the April average.

Motorola Downgrade Ignored

Weird huh? Here are my three guesses as to what’s going on.

  1. Somebody knows something and everyone wants in.
  2. The traders are drinking some kool aid we haven’t tasted.
  3. Splitting the handset division out on its own is going to be successful.

So, if #3 is the deal here why did it take so many weeks for the traders to figure this out. This news is weeks old now right?

What do you think is going on?