Optimizing for Mobile Ads: mNectar and Branch Metrics Now Partners on Playable Ads

Optimizing for Mobile Ads: mNectar and Branch Metrics Now Partners on Playable AdsJust making the news is the announcement that mNectar, one of the leaders in playable mobile ad technology, and Branch Metrics, a pioneer in contextual mobile deep linking, will now be partners.

What the companies aim to accomplish is enhancing the user experience for mobile apps and games.

“Addressing the issue of mobile app discoverability, mNectar’s Playable ads allow users to try an app before they download it,” according to a statement provided to MMW. “By combining mNectar’s Playable mobile ads, and Branch Metrics’ deep linking, users will be able to seamlessly continue where they left off after app install. Once the action of playing the interactive ad occurs, a link is created in the app when the user stops playing. Using that link, the experience is then continued in a sequential manner when the user installs and opens the app.”

A boon to mobile app and game developers, the playable advertising and deep linking partnership could allow for improved app discoverability, not to mention a better understanding of the user base.

“Integrating playable ads and deep linking with mobile gaming is a first,” said Wally Nguyen, CEO at mNectar. “The entire app ecosystem, specifically gaming, is currently missing out on the benefits of combining the two.”

Branch Metrics co-founder Mada Seghete agrees.

“Developers across our network see nearly 100 percent lift on both the conversion to register and the one month retention for users who originate from a contextual deep link,” Seghete explained. “It’s the best way to welcome and delight users: by showing them what they expect to see.”

Playable ads in mobile games allow more interaction with a new user, lets them continue their game play through deep linking, and seems to produce higher levels of user activation and retention.

“Currently, mNectar’s advertisers are seeing user retention rates that are four times as effective as other forms of mobile advertising, such as interstitials, and twice as high as video ads,” notes PRNewswire. “Removing the need to repeat the advertised portion of the game, leads to an even better user experience and higher retention rates.”