OptifiNow Launches CRM Tool for the Real Estate Industry

In today’s shaky real estate industry, having the ability to know if a potential customer is likely to make and qualify for a purchase within a short period of time is essential information to be able to calculate for a real estate professional, lender and home builder.

Once that key piece of information is determined, industry professionals say, then you have to get that customer to pull the trigger and make a purchase.

As a result of this highly delicate and time-consuming process, the team over at OptifiNow has developed the first CRM tool designed specifically for the real estate and mortgage industry.

OptifiNow announced today that it has finalized the latest integration of its Leads OnDemand platform with RealTagTM, the first real time lead qualification and intelligence tool for the Real Estate industry.

The solution in question “allows realtors, builders and lenders to qualify potential buyers and borrowers before they fill out any paperwork, identify potential sellers, track marketing effectiveness and gain insight into walk-in traffic using public records data.”

Potential leads are designated a score based on the likelihood they will be willing and able to transact within a short period of time, and then follow up marketing/sales can be automated to those target customers.

“The integration with RealTag into our Leads onDemand module greatly increases the success of our customer’s lead conversion,” says OptifiNow President and CEO John McGee. “Mortgage companies can now append critical information to their inbound Internet leads in real time. Loan officers can more quickly qualify potential customers and get them the loan products that best suit their needs.”

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