Opera: Unique Users Increase 114%, Consume 445M MB Of Data, Female Use Up 575%

Opera recently released its monthly State of the Mobile Web report for July, offering up in-depth insight into all facets of mobile Web usage worldwide.  As usual, this month’s report has some surprising data.

For July, Opera Mini saw increases in all three categories of growth including unique users, pages viewed and data consumed.  In all, 62.3 million people used Opera Mini in July, 29.6 billion pages were served and 4.1 petabytes of operator data were compressed.  Yes, that’s PETAbytes.

In terms of growth worldwide, Asia showed the most substantial gains.  From July 2009 to July 2010, pageviews in the top 10 countries in Southeast Asia increased by 238%, unique users increased by 205% and the amount of data transferred increased by 227%.

Malaysia and Singapore lead the top 10 countries of the region in terms of pageview growth, with 1,003.7% and 412.0% respectively, while Vietnam and Malaysia lead the top 10 countries of the region in growth of unique users with 328.5% and 242.3% respectively.  Brunei leads the top 10 countries of the region in pageviews per user, with each user browsing 1,824 pages on average each month.  Impressive figures to say the least.

Most interesting, however, is the finding that the number of woman surfing the mobile Web has grown more than 575% in the last two years, with South Africa and the United States having the highest percentage of female users.  44% of all South Africans on the mobile Web are women, compared to 36% of all U.S. mobile Web users.  As always, much more info is available in the actual report, available here.