Opera Releases Massive Usage Stats, Announces Opera Mobile Browser For Android

At a press event this morning is Oslo, Norway, Opera Software announced a slew of new feature additions and the upcoming debut of Opera Mobile for Android — in addition to boasting some impressive usage statistics as well.

The main announcement was the upcoming addition of Opera’s full-on mobile browser for Android dubbed “Opera Mobile,” — not to be confused with Opera Mini, the basic browser that’s been available on Android since July.  In addition, Opera’s desktop browser will get the ability to be customized by users via extensions.

Most importantly, both Opera Mini and Opera Mobile will soon feature full pinch-to-zoom compatibility and hardware acceleration.  The latter is the process of using the graphics chip of a mobile device to render Web pages instead of the CPU, allowing for a much quicker and fluid user experience.

In terms of usage, the numbers are quite impressive; Opera says its Opera Mini browser is used by over 71 million people worldwide, while 50 million users have installed Opera’s cross-platform desktop browser on their computers.  Over 20 million users around the world use Opera products on connected devices other than phones and computers, e.g. television sets, bringing the total of Opera products users to a staggering 140 million worldwide. Opera says they welcome two new users every second, on average.  Here’s some other specs on Opera’s Mini browser:

– handling 36.9 billion page views per month (76% growth since December 09)
– which translates to about 5.35 petabytes of data, per month
– each user is good for an average of 519 page views per month
– 100% user growth since December 2009
– Opera Mini is compatible with over 3,000 different mobile devices
– the mobile browser product is used in 195 countries