Opera Publishes State Of The Mobile Web For June, Shows Decrease In Total Users

Opera recently released its State of the Mobile Web report for June, showing decreases for the first time in all three growth categories — unique users, pages viewed and data consumed.

While there were decreases across the board, Opera attributes it to “certain countries where we have experienced some technical and political challenges that now are about to be solved.”  Still, Opera had over 59.4M users as of June 2010 – a 3.2% decrease from May, but an increase of 124.7% since June 2009.  Opera users viewed over 27.3 billion pages in June, down 3.4% since May, but an increase of 161.8% since June of 2009.  As for data consumed, users generated over 416 million MB of data for operators worldwide.  Since May, the data consumed went down by 4%, but is up 147.1% since June of 2009.

This month’s report was focused on the mobile Web’s role in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and as such, listed the top 5 global sports sites in terms of usage during the month of June.  ‘Goal.com’ came in at number one, followed by ‘livescore.com,’ ‘fifa.com,’ ‘m.championat.ru’ and ‘m.espn.go.com’ respectively.  Also highlighted was mobile Web usage and trends in Africa.

The top 12 countries using Opera Mini in Africa are South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Sudan, Libya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Mozambique and Mauritius.  From June 2009 to June 2010, page views in the top 12 countries in Africa increased by 182%, unique users increased by 124%, and the amount of data transferred increased by 160%.

As always, there’s much more detail in the report itself, which can be found here.