Prime Time For Mobile Web Usage Worldwide Remains 8pm-Midnight

Opera today published its latest State of the Mobile Web report for May, in which some interest tidbits were highlighted.  First things first, however, Opera saw increases in all three categories of growth in May 2010: unique users, pages viewed and data consumed.  In all, 61.4 million people used Opera Mini in May, 28.3 billion pages were served and 4.0 petabytes of operator data were compressed for Opera Mini users.

Russia has long been the top country in terms of Opera Mini users, but in May, Indonesia took the top spot.  Also in May, Nigeria surged ahead of Ukraine, South Africa and the United States, while South Africa also jumped ahead of the United States.  Interestingly, in all of the top 10 countries for Opera Mini usage, the prime time for browsing was at night — 8pm to midnight — which falls in line with other reports we’ve seen.

This month’s report focused on Latin America and its tendencies for mobile Web consumption.  Peru and Ecuador lead the top 10 countries of the region in terms of page-view growth (1,213.3% and 515.4%, respectively), while Colombia and Brazil lead the top 10 countries of the region in growth of unique users (322.4% and 303.6%, respectively).  Costa Rica leads the top 10 countries of the region in page views per user, with each user browsing 426 pages on average each month.

Opera Mini users in Latin America typically prefer Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets.  However, Apple-iPhone-using Opera Mini users have made an impact in the region.  The iPhone shows up in all ten of the top 10 handset lists (for Latin America), and it’s among the top 5 handsets in 9 out of the 10 Latin American countries listed in the report.  As always, the actual report holds much more information, head on over and check it out for yourself.