Opera Mediaworks Shows Compelling Mobile Advertising Surge

Mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks is out with its Q4 2012 report and it illustrates exceptional growth in mobile advertising.

Just as deserving of the headline, however, is the emergence of Android across the mobile ad landscape, based on the information presented this afternoon.

The source of the data is the company’s broad mobile advertising platform, which we’re told serves more than 50 billion ad impressions per month via 12,000 mobile sites and apps.

“The fourth quarter represented more than a two-times increase in impressions and revenue to publishers compared to any other quarter in 2012,” the report reads. “This reflects the magnitude of marketing and advertising spend during this quarter, associated with the seasonal impact of holiday shopping.”

Android is on the rise, influenced by the adoption of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The iOS platform is still on top for monetization, but Android smartphones edged out the iPhone by about two percentage points for market share of global impression volume.

Not surprisingly, “Music, Video and Media” is the top category for impressions.

The report, which contains no shortage of critical insights into the pulse of the mobile ad space today, can be reviewed here.