Opera Mediaworks Brings the Future of Mobile Advertising to the Present

Opera Mediaworks Brings the Future of Mobile Advertising to the PresentNative mobile advertising has been called the future of mobile advertising itself. But thanks to Opera Mediaworks, the future is already here.

This week, Opera Mediaworks formally launched its global, native ad exchange for the buying and selling of “seamless, integrated advertising experiences on mobile devices.”

The new native exchange will connect mobile publishers’ premium inventory, which is largely in-app, to more than a dozen different native demand sources, the company explained in a provided statement. Both premium brands and direct response advertisers can now bid on native, in-stream ad units, with all of the benefits – chiefly, scale and efficiency – of programmatic buying.

“Programmatic buying has become top of mind for both publishers and advertisers for very good reason,” says Mark Fruehan, President of Publisher Services, Global Supply, at Opera Mediaworks. “It’s a more workflow efficient environment that automates the often lengthy insertion order process and brings greater audience insight to premium ad buys. Combining that efficiency with the proven impact of native ad units is extremely exciting.”

Opera says the exchange itself is already a success, pointing to the experiences of ZeptoLab, the entertainment and gaming company, which was one of the earliest adopters. ZeptoLab, Opera says,  “has already seen significant incremental revenue, as the company was able to scale its sponsored native content offering.”

To learn more about what’s up at Opera these days, check out their official website here.