OpenX Rolls Out Advanced Mobile SDK to Market

OpenX, a global technology leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces, shared big news with MMW ahead of the weekend.

The company announced today that its Mobile SDK entered General Availability following strong early results for mobile app publishers.

The company also shared insights from one of the world’s top entertainment applications that participated in the beta, showing significant double digit CPM and revenue increases after integrating the SDK.

The OpenX Mobile SDK enables app publishers to take full control of their programmatic advertising through a direct-integration that delivers improved speed, monetization and premium ad formats without impacting the stability of the app. The efficiency of the advanced integration empowers app publishers to receive the highest value for each impression through OpenX’s mobile-optimized ad exchange. OpenX’s marketplace provides the highest quality protections in the market today and offers app publishers access to every AdAge top 100 advertiser, more than 11,000 brands, and over 100 mobile-first demand partners.

We’re told that OpenX’s SDK addresses a key concern of app publishers in the market today: latency. Beta users experienced as much as 200% decreases in latency once they integrated the SDK.

iFunny, an initial beta partner and a top 10 Entertainment app that accounts for 2% of total time spent on mobile applications for the highly coveted 18-24 demographic, experienced a 50% increase in CPMs and discrepancies dropped below 1% after implementing the OpenX Mobile SDK into their monetization strategy. iFunny selected OpenX based on their expertise in the mobile environment, superior quality standards, and longstanding relationships with brand advertisers, which was also a big factor in helping the publisher effectively monetize MRAID formats.

“Strong performance and the ability to deliver immediate results are top priorities for us when selecting monetization partners. In addition to these two areas, iFunny selected OpenX’s mobile SDK because we believe their exchange offers the right mix of global scale and commitment to quality and service we are looking for in our strategic partners,” said Sergei Efimov, director of monetization at iFunny. “As a leading mobile app, it is crucial for our partners to provide guidance with a mobile-first mindset. OpenX’s mobile team has built a smart and technically sophisticated suite of app products, and we trust them to work with us on developing the capabilities that will drive our business forward.”

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