OpenX Goes Mobile-First With New Ad Exchange

OpenX Goes Mobile-First With New Ad ExchangeOpenX Technologies recently unveiled Native O|X. Last week at Mobile World Congress, the digital advertising powerhouse officially introduced what it’s calling “the first global, Real-Time Bidding (RTB) exchange specifically for mobile-first native ads.”

According to details provided at the time of the announcement, the exchange enables all app developers and publishers to apply the full power and scale of programmatic buying to  native in-stream ad formats.

For now, initial launch partners for the new exchange include publishers IconApps and Tagged, demand partners RUN and mediasmart, and mobile display ad creation, serving and analytics platform provider Celtra.

Native O|X offers premium brands the ability to bid on in-stream ad units within an exclusive private environment. The inventory is premium, largely in-app and the audiences are highly engaged. The new exchange offers application developers and publishers access to more than 300 pre-screened, multiscreen demand partners that will have access to the available inventory.

The new exchange is available immediately to “qualified buyers and sellers.”

“With its unique approach of programmatically enabling rich media and video native ads at scale, Native O|X is an exciting new exchange for the mobile ad industry and we are pleased to be a launch partner,” explains Grant Stratemeyer, senior vice president of business development at Celtra. “In particular, the exchange provides an excellent opportunity for both publishers and Demand Side Platforms to leverage Celtra’s self-service AdCreator platform with its benefit of creating a multitude of powerful native ad formats that can run programmatically across dozens of publishers.”