Openwave Mobility Debuts Real Time Traffic Insight Solutions

Real time traffic insight is an important resource for many businesses and digital property owners.

For that reason, Openwave Mobility is aggressively moving ahead with the launch of new versions of the company’s Price Plan Innovation policy-based solution, and the company’s Mobile Analytics offering.

This latest PPI offering provides a new stand-alone operator branded data metering app and service oriented pricing policies.

Openwave Mobility also says that the refreshed Mobile Analytics includes new visual dashboards, and more detailed granularity for data analysis, enabling mobile operators to gain new insights and better monetize subscriber traffic.

With these new capabilities, business managers and executives can get a big picture view of subscriber behavior as well as the ability to drill down to help analyze data consumption by subscribers and per cell site.

“Competition is fierce, and more than ever before, mobile operators need to be able to know what is happening on their networks in real-time from an operational and marketing standpoint, as well as how to act on this information,” said John Giere, CEO of Openwave Mobility. “Solutions like Mobile Analytics and Price Plan Innovation help operators to know what’s happening at all times and to offer the right promotions and services at the right prices to attract users at the point of interest, and to stay competitive from TCO point of view.”