Openwave Launches Mobile Analytics For Carriers

Openwave systems has launched its mobile analytics service, though it’s not geared towards traditional customers.  The service has been designed for carriers to understand how mobile usage effects their networks, and what they can do about it.

For instance, the service helps carriers understand how social networking traffic impacts SMS revenue, who is monetising smartphone traffic, how it’s being done and how data plans are impacting per-subscriber traffic rates.  The service goes above and beyond basic analytical data by working in conjunction with the company’s Integra transparent proxy- enabling carriers to monitor, manage and monetise mobile Internet traffic.

The service provides an excellent look into how a mobile marketing campaign is effecting mobile carrier traffic, and what that carrier can do to optimize the network for future campaigns.   The service includes various add-on modules which, among other things, characterises mobile Internet traffic, including subscriber access to URLs, the duration of website visits and how frequently subscribers are accessing social networking sites.

It also includes the Openwave Behavioral Targeting module, which correlates data from a carrier’s subscriber demographics and classifies website traffic to create behavioural categories of subscribers that can be used to develop targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

As mobile marketing as a whole moves forward in terms of technology and methodology, mobile analytics has to evolve as well to keep up.  Openwave’s new service looks to heed that trend with this advanced analytical system.