Openwave Debuts “Contextually Aware” Analytics Solution To Better Mediate Carrier Data Traffic

Openwave Debuts Contextually Aware Analytics Solution To Better Mediate Carrier Data TrafficSo far, there’s been a lot of emphasis placed on wireless carriers during this year’s MWC, with numerous solutions tailored specifically for wireless operators and their need for everything from network optimization to mobile content distribution.  Openwave is continuing that trend, with its debut of “Openwave Analytics, Data Mediation Edition (DME),” which aims to help operators effectively monitor, manage and monetize mobile data traffic.

Openwave Analytics DME enables operators to gain “detailed network and usage related insights across a wide array of operator data sources,” or in other words, allows carriers to know exactly how users are interacting with their network to better leverage various opportunities.  The solution also allows operators to seamlessly insert this intelligence into their control points in the network and mobile ecosystem, allowing them to stay focused on providing the ability to build rich profiles and segments and leverage insights into new revenue streams.

The solution is fueled by real-time analytics that provides early identification of mobile data trends that enable operators to make timely decisions to avoid bandwidth problems while targeting business driving opportunities.  To make it happen, the platform mediates among all different ecosystem elements, enabling the enhancement of every mode of IP traffic, including mobile internet, messaging, video and social networking.

Startups and solution-providers have recognized the deficiencies present with wireless operators, and have begun to offer solutions targeted directly to solving those shortcomings.  As the mobile ecosystem has evolved, the real innovation has lied in third-party providers, not the carriers, and those providers are now trying to bolster the networks that fuel their products and services by offering specifically targeted solutions such as Openwave Analytics DME.  Whether operators will make use of such solutions is yet to be seen.

“With the huge ramp in mobile data traffic driven by social networking, mobile Internet browsing, and video services, many operators around the world are experiencing major network congestion issues — challenges that aren’t expected to disappear with HSPA+ and LTE network upgrades,” said Susan Welsh de Grimaldo, director of Strategy Analytics Mobile Broadband Opportunities (MBO) service. “One of the most immediate solutions operators need to deploy is in-network mobile analytics to gain real-time visibility into traffic usage patterns. Solutions such as Openwave Analytics, DME, position operators not only to optimize their networks for the continuing surge in mobile broadband use but also to leverage usage insight to create new revenue streams and a more compelling and customized user experience.”