OpenMarket Expands Cross-Network MMS, Becomes Approved MMS Aggregator For All Major Carriers

OpenMarket Expands Cross-Network MMS, Becomes Approved MMS Aggregator For All Major CarriersOpenMarket today announced that its further expanded its leading MMS connectivity solutions for advertisers, mobile marketers and merchants that deliver rich media to mobile devices.  In addition, the company announced that it’s now an approved MMS aggregator for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel and Cricket Communications.

What does this mean exactly?  OpenMarket is what’s called a “transaction hub,” that provides the underlying technology to deliver MMS to a broad range of wireless carriers and subsequent end-users.  By becoming an approved MMS aggregator for third-party digital content delivered via the major U.S. carriers, it makes things a lot simpler for mobile marketers and content providers to distribute messages in broad form.

“MMS is one of the most effective ways for companies to communicate their brand message and connect emotionally with the consumer at the same time,” said James Citron, chief executive officer of Mogreet, a mobile marketing platform that enables businesses to send rich media via MMS. “In our business, great delivery is everything.  We look to OpenMarket as that experienced mobile solution partner for broad subscriber access and superior network stability.”

With SMS already a standout solution for mobile marketing and advertising, MMS is increasingly becoming a favored solution as well given the fact that it enables marketers to send short videos, photos, images, song clips, animated video and other similar rich media to users.

“MMS usage by consumers is growing every month as new applications and consumer services are launched into the market,” said Jay Emmet, general manager of OpenMarket. “OpenMarket provides agencies, brands, social networks and third-party merchants with the ability to deliver advanced mobile content and a personalized user experience.”