Online Videos Now Watched More On Mobile Devices

????????????Since the online video boom that followed the launch of YouTube, top brands and businesses — and everyday small business people alike — can now easily create their own low-budget but high-quality video marketing. And even as video marketing has continued to flourish on the computer screen, the evolution and global adoption of mobile devices have taken things to a whole new level for video marketing.

Now there are a multitude of places that videos can be shared online, and video links can be embedded on landing pages, websites, and social media. When it comes to mobile devices, shorter videos are most effective and are currently more popular than watching videos on desktops, laptops, and tablets.

According to a 2014 study conducted by YuMe and IPG Media Lab, the average consumer’s attention to video content is highest on smartphones. Businesses must keep this in mind when creating their video marketing content to ensure it is shot in a manner that is not just mobile compatible but truly mobile friendly.

“Smartphones are increasing their share of digital video ad views,” eMarketer confirms. “Q2 2014 research from FreeWheel found that, while desktop and laptop computers still grabbed the large majority of digital video ad views served in the US on the source’s platform (76%), this had dropped 3 percentage points since Q1 2014 as a result of smartphone views. Between Q1 2014 and Q2 2014, the smaller screen grew its proportion of total video ad views from 11% to 13%.”