Online Video Advertising Continues Stratospheric Growth (with Pixability Leading the Way)

Online Video Advertising Continues Stratospheric Growth (with Pixability Leading the Way)With an annual compound cumulative sales growth of 240% over the past 5 years, it’s no surprise that video ad and marketing technology company Pixability just closed an $18 million Series C financing round.

They’re now a formidable leader in video advertising, an industry segment that’s looking to rise over 30% this year, to nearly $8 billion. In fact, they work with the king of online video, YouTube, and many of the biggest brands in the world come to them for effective YouTube marketing campaigns.

Flush with capital, Pixability will be rapidly expanding their ad buying and video marketing technology platforms, as well as international sales, partnerships and business development efforts. The company already provides customers with extensive, enterprise-grade video advertising optimization, something that makes it easier for brands to optimize their video media spend and increase their results.

For Hermann Hassenstein that’s great news. He’s the global head of communications planning at PUMA, and has been working with Pixability for several years. “With the targeting that Pixability delivers, we are able to achieve better results through online video in a more efficient way” he said in a recent interview.

Edison Partners was one of the principles of the recent financing round, and David Nevas, a Principal there, had nothing but praise when it came to the company, saying that “Pixability brings a trifecta to the advertiser market – a sophisticated technology platform, unrivaled depth of data, and extensive online video knowledge.”

With programmatic video ad buying continuing to soar, Pixability is primed to continue leading the way.