Online Trading Has Been Cleverly Marketed and Its Popularity is Increasing

It used to be that market trading was limited to a certain type of investor. For most people, the idea of playing the stock market or trading currencies simply wasn’t an option that they even considered. Of those who tried, only around 6% succeeded in becoming professional traders.

Yet, the arrival of online trading has ensured that just about anyone can do this, now with a better chance of success. How has this method become so popular that it is seen as a mainstream option for just about every type of investor?

A big part of the success of the online approach to trading is how it has been marketed as an easy and enjoyable way of making money. This has blown away the traditional image that many people had about trading.

Clever New Technology

Marketing teams all around the world now know that people love to see great new technology at work. To help convince you that trading can be fun and modern, these sites use slick platforms that are a pleasure to work with.

You can typically pull up interesting graphs, useful statistics and all sorts of other handy information. This makes it is easy to feel like a professional no matter when and how you trade.

Of course, at its heart, this process is still pretty much the same as it ever was. The basic concept of buying and selling stock or other commodities hasn’t really changed but the ways of doing it have definitely moved with the times.

Free Demo Accounts

We all love to try something for free, especially when it could make us money. To this effect, marketing teams have realized that demo trading accounts are an excellent idea. They give newcomers the chance to get comfortable with the idea of trading without risking their own money.

With a demo trading account, it is possible to try trading and choose the level of account you need accordingly. The type of account you choose then determines how much you can trade and the level of support you receive.

Putting your own money at risk is thrilling – but using a demo account first makes it seems like a natural progression rather than a leap into the unknown.

Mobile Trading

Mobile marketing is a huge part of any brand’s approach, shown by the fact that in 2016 just over half of all digital advertising budgets went on mobile ads. And it makes double sense to target potential traders with it: most people now have a mobile device close to them all day long, it makes a lot of sense to trade with one, too, and it is incredibly simple to stay on top of the markets all day.

All of this makes trading more accessible and enjoyable for lots of people who might not have otherwise tried it. Anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to invest in this way now knows that it is simple to give it a try.