Online, Mobile Advertisers Get More Access to Moms in New AOL Partnership

On Thursday, Ad Age reported that venerable Internet giant AOL is forming an “ad-sales alliance” with Bonnier’s Parenting Group.

The goal, according to AOL, is to help sell reserved ad inventory on, the digital home of Parenting magazine.

The partnership is significant in terms of the added reach by advertisers to parents – but, particularly, to moms inclined to shop online or find digital content, coupons, or other deals worth pursuing.

Conversely, AOL will drive web traffic to as the partners have apparently found a true win-win working relationship in this digital effort.

AOL says it will prominently feature links to Parenting content on a number of AOL sites. Together the companies will share revenue from the respective campaigns.

“I think every advertiser wants to reach as much of a target market as it can with a single purchase,” says Ned Brody, AOL’s chief revenue officer. “By taking their inventory and our inventory, we have the scale to get to as many parents as possible in a single buy.”

According to the Ad Age piece,, AOL Family and HuffPost Parents sites reached a combined 12.5 million unique visitors in November 2011.