OneCommand’s New Facebook and Instagram Integrations Help Auto Industry Succeed with Social Media Platforms

onecommandOneCommand just announced new integrations with Facebook and Instagram that utilize an innovative new product to reach customers at key touchpoints during their ownership lifecycle through automated social marketing.

OneCommand is a leading Customer Marketing & Loyalty Automation Platform, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, and Social Media Advertising and Reputation Management Solution for auto dealers,

“OneCommand’s industry-leading, powerful, turn-key Customer Marketing and Loyalty Automation Platform has recently been expanded to include a robust social media marketing and advertising program, Social Roots 1-to-1,” a statement provided to MMW reads. “By introducing features that leverage Facebook’s platform, OneCommand now provides dealers an increasingly effective opportunity to automatically reach customers where they are spending the most time. People spend an average of three plus hours a day on their mobile device, and one in every five mobile minutes is spent on Facebook and Instagram.”

OneCommand’s data set includes sales and service transactions, which are used to trigger targeted, relevant one-to-one messaging to customers in their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

What does this mean? Enrolled dealers are now able to deploy a multi-channel strategy through voice, text, email, direct mail, and social media to effectively drive customers back to their dealership with a comprehensive marketing approach.

“The OneCommand team is very excited about the new Facebook integration. We’ve always known that dealers want more than likes and engagement from their social media providers. Although these measurements are important to the overall health of a dealer’s online strategy, what they really want and need is for their social media providers to drive more vehicle sales and service opportunities,” said Jeff Hart, President and CEO at OneCommand. “A long time ago, we learned that DMS integration and automating communications to customers through a multi-channel strategy is the only way to ensure relevant messaging is reaching customers at key touch points to drive response.”

OneCommand’s Social Roots 1-to-1 Facebook integration will hit the market at this year’s NADA Convention and Expo, the automotive industry event of the year.

Want additional info? More details are available here.