One Mobile Device Stat You’re Not Going to Believe

One Mobile Device Stat You're Not Going to BelieveIt may seem difficult to believe, but the findings of a new study tell us its true.

eMarketer reported Thursday that approximately half of all U.S. parents will gift eReading devices this holiday season to their children.

The data is derived from a recent study conducted by PlayCollective with Digital Book World.

Polling found that 46% of U.S. adults with children ages 2 to 13 who read ebooks planned to purchase a device on which their children could consume such content. And the majority of those ereaders would belong primarily to the recipient, meaning those children would have constant access to their ereading device.

“Ereading-related gift-giving doesn’t stop there,” the report adds. In fact, nearly 75% of parents also plan to gift to their youngsters ebooks that they can enjoy and learn from on their new devices.

Today’s report did lend insight to which devices parents favor, but the anticipated eReader gift boom should do wonders to drastically boost device adoption and eBook sales across the nation as we head into 2014.