One Agency, 20 Million SMS Messages Every Month?

TellMyCell, a provider of mobile content distribution services, announced recently that it has consistently been serving more than 20 million monthly text messages since January of 2007 for it’s client’s mobile marketing efforts. Hey, they might just be on to something here don’t you think?

The company offers a “complete turnkey mobile marketing solution” that features the normal direct-to-consumer campaign approach with things like MMS, SMS, Voice, and WAP, but takes it a step further by offering a suite of tools to manage, track and evaluate all delivery methods, and outcomes. Through the use of an API, the company can integrate with it’s partners ad systems to “lower the barriers for both publishers and marketers to distribute content to cell phone users.”

TellMyCell sits on the same SS7 network as all the major phone carriers, and operates an independent SMS, MMS and VOIP gateway. By not being just an aggregator, TellMyCell can offer the best pricing for all their client’s mobile content delivery and are able to reach all cell phones in the USA and Canada. According to TellMyCell’s founder and CEO, Moe Green,

“…No other company lives and works in the space between technology and creativity. Agencies don’t have the required mobile technology credentials and technology enablers are out of their depth on consumer marketing.If companies want to produce brilliant, relevant and rewarding mobile marketing, we believe that’s where the company has to be…”

The company has also made strides in the areas of mobile coupons and gift cards with their CouponTxT and GiftCardTxT services. The coupons can be delivered directly to the consumer’s phone with either a text message or as a full color coupon with a barcode ready to use. CouponTxT has the fulfillment built-in on the backend, so it redeems right at the POP (point of purchase), which means an easier time for the retailer, and bypasses the problem many mobile coupon technologies have faced, which is how to redeem barcodes directly from user’s cell phone screens.