On the Road with AAA

Mobile Website Review

Quick Site Description:
The mobile site for AAA.

First Impression:
Very pleasant site and looks like it will be easy to use.

What’s Here:
A TourBook, Road Service, Driving Directions and Discounts. The Tour Book gives the options of Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Events and Campgrounds – all of which are accessed first by choosing where you are. The Driving Directions section gives basic driving directions but doesn’t give the estimated driving time (their desktop site does). Discounts featured are shown by category and there is lots of detail included in discount offered.

Ease of Use:

It doesn’t have a back button on the site itself so I have to remember to use the one on my phone. For some reason I don’t and keep going back to the Home page, the only consistent navigation. Other than that it is easy to find what it is here.

Find Stuff Factor:
Each time I am asked to choose my location there are six choices of how to enter it. This gives people the choice of how to find what they want, although it is a bit overwhelming. (And I can’t figure out why Chicago isn’t a Popular City.)

Best Part:
The header graphics switch each time I choose a new section so it is graphically easy to see where you are on the site.
What’s Missing:
On the Road Service page there is only a phone number. I wish that it gave a bit more information about what to expect or what is offered. I also wish there was an option to send a text message to request help. This could come in handy at times when a phone doesn’t get service but a text message can go through. Although I suppose in that case the mobile web might not be accessible either. So the text message option really should go on the membership card.

Where to Use It:
On the go when you want to find a hotel, campground or attraction. It is also good for doing a quick check of events going on wherever you are.

Bottom Line:

Wish there were more discounts listed on the mobile site – there are a ton more on the desktop website. Ironically, on the go is where the discounts would be more likely to be helpful.

The AAA Mobile site is missing something but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it is that it is so different than the desktop site that I don’t feel like it is the same brand. Just can’t put my finger on it.

3 out of 5
It troubles me so much that there are fewer listings on the mobile site than on the main site. Like the discounts which should be more plentiful on mobile.

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