On the Move: Adtile Creating Motion Sensitive Mobile Tech

On the Move Adtile Creating Motion Sensitive Mobile TechFor Adtile’s founder and chief executive officer Nils Forsblom, there’s no such thing as standing still when it comes to technology.

What Forsblom and his team are now doing is extracting useful concepts and particularities of airplane and submarine physics to attempt to revolutionize what mobile ads can do.

“We all know that mobile advertising needs to be dramatically different from current industry standards,” says Forsblom. “Static in-stream ads in vertically scrolling feeds are not the real answer.”

It’s a scintillating scenario: using micro sensors to create mobile ads that can respond to — and even ape — physical human behavior. The HTML 5 ads the company creates use the smart­phone’s GPS, gyro­scope, motion coprocessor, accelero­meter, and compass to sense body motion.

“When you move, the ad moves too,” Forsblom says.

The mobile ads are fully interactive, somewhat like a video game. They dip, bend, and basically conform to the movements of your body while you’re walking or running.

“For example, an Adtile ad might present you with the statement, “Walk 20 feet this way and earn a free coffee!” After the phone detects that you have moved the requisite distance, it delivers a coupon,” according to a story on the new technology posted at VentureBeat.

Technology that has this much interactive potential opens up a whole new world of possibilities for marketers, of course.

“We want to set a new bar for mobile ad user experience and deliver something unique, where there’s not always a click required. That’s Adtile’s core mission. That’s why we exist,” Forsblom explains.

Forsblom says his firm now has 17 different patents either minted or pending for the mobile ad software platform.

Incredibly, Forsblom said the platform was very easy to build.

“Easy to build?,” muses Forsblom, “Yes, and also very exciting. Everything else is really f*cking boring.”