On The ‘Lookout’ For Aggressive Mobile Advertising

With the goal of keeping mobile advertising responsible and as non-intrusive as possible, mobile security firm Lookout is behind a new published set of guidelines aimed at helping protect consumer privacy and mobile security.

“Since the beginning of time, there have been malicious marketers,” Mark Lehmann, CEO of mobile advertising firm TodaCell, tells the E-Commerce Times. “On the Internet, there has been spamware and malware. That’s going to happen with mobile — it’s just a matter of time.”

With the mobile advertising industry still in its infancy relative to where it could be in the next decade, the self-regulating nature of the business has led to no shortage of abuses and overstepped-boundaries in mobile advertising.

The guidelines offer mobile ad providers information about how to target advertising, while at the same time adhering to principles of privacy and user choice.

A chief concern is the usage of mobile apps for delivery of mobile ads.

“We’re really just at the start of apps,” said Lehmann. “As devices become more sophisticated, apps will become much more sophisticated. Their capabilities and speed will increase, and the app adoption rate will increase. Looking at the broad mobile landscape, we’re really just at the beginning.”

To read the guidelines for mobile app advertising presented by Lookout, click here.