Omniture Provides Kick in The Pants For Big Time Mobile Marketing

Omniture, Inc., a growing provider of online business optimization software, has come out with the latest version of Omniture SiteCatalyst, which advances mobile analytics capabilities that businesses can use to increase the performance of mobile marketing campaigns.

As we’ve seen (and struggled to keep up with) mobile Internet usage is growing by leaps and bounds at a pace that seems to quicken on an almost daily basis. Unfortunately, those implementing mobile marketing campaigns are at a disadvantage in being unable to keep up with the nature of their ever-changing and constantly growing audiences.

Needless to say, I was greatly interested in Omniture SiteCatalyst and the mobile analytics it provides to businesses that use or want to use mobile marketing. The non-biased feedback I’m hearing is that the benefits are much greater than any potential drawbacks, particularly when it comes to optimizing mobile site design, content, marketing campaigns and user experience for the mobile Internet visitor based on attributes such as their device type, location, video and audio formats. As a result, mobile marketers can provide a better experience, which conversely will drive loyalty, brand and conversion.

To check out the ins and outs of mobile analytics from Omniture, you can visit the company web site at: