Omnicom Group Launches Mobile Agency

Omnicom Group Inc., the advertising and marketing services group, is launching a global consultancy wing called Mobile Behavior.

The new agency serves clients’ “growing need to understand consumers’ mobile behavior and incorporate mobile communications into their overall marketing and media mix.”

Mobile Behavior is aiming to combine the insights of Omnicom’s Youth and Mobile Marketing practice with the worldwide breadth of the company’s most progressive advertising and marketing services agencies.

The result, according to the head honchos at the company, is the industry’s “first agency that brings together a client-proven approach to integrated mobile solutions with the credentials, experience, and network to deliver those solutions on a global scale.”

Now, usually I don’t like to blindly glorify any news from a press release, but there is really something to be said of this development. Omnicom looks, in my humble view, poised to offer clients a broad range of services by consistently and creatively helping them take full advantage of the latest marketing channels and trends.

Staying current with the trends is half the battle in succeeding with a mobile marketing campaign, and it looks to me that Omnicom could really do wonders to advance clients’ needs along with the industry as a whole.

Ok. I’m off my promotional soap box. In fact, I’m ready to be critical now. Any suggestions of a mobile marketing endeavor that deserves to be taken to task?