Omnichannel Marketers Gain New Resource From LiveRamp’s People-Based Search

LiveRamp — provider of omnichannel identity resolution — announced this week the addition of targeting for people-based search to its IdentityLink platform.

The addition complements LiveRamp’s strength in people-based targeting for display, allowing marketers to better coordinate efforts across these channels and deliver more engaging and personally relevant advertising to customers.

Consumer intent is inherently expressed in search, making it a favored channel for marketers. Search has suffered, however, from the lack of audience targeting precision available at scale in display channels.

With IdentityLink, marketers can now apply precision targeting broadly across search channels in coordination with their display efforts. For marketers using Google Customer Match, they have the added benefit of dramatically extending the people-based reach of their programs with IdentityLink’s new data append feature.

“Leveraging customer data in SEM initiatives dramatically improves click-through rates, but only a fraction of CRM data can be activated in search channels,” said Pat Hayden, director of paid search at Elite SEM, a performance-driven digital marketing agency. “The ability to use IdentityLink to scale people-based targeting in search, particularly Google Customer Match, will dramatically increase the value of our client’s investment.”

To learn more, visit the LiveRamp site here.