Old Chicago Takes Their Football Challenge Mobile

Old Chicago Takes Their Football Challenge MobileLast year, restaurant chain Old Chicago took its popular pen and paper game Beat the Leader and put it online. This year, they are taking things one step further with an increased focus on mobile.

So far, they are seeing over half off all traffic to Beat the Leader coming from smartphones and mobile devices.

Not just that, but mobile availability has drastically increased participation in all off their 90+ restaurants. They have well over 1,000 regular participants this year, with approximately 6,000 coming from mobile devices.

As one of the added draws of taking their popular game mobile, mobile allows for a larger range of ways in which customers can engage with and challenge other players from around the nation. Shrewdly, Old Chicago even implemented some great digital rewards for players.

Old Chicago partnered with Movement Strategy to create their new digital game, which is proving to be an overwhelming success.

“With the improvements to the mobile experience we’re aiming for a 90 percent retention rate week over week – meaning users are returning to make picks and view leaderboards,” Eric Dieter, co-founder of Movement Strategy tells Mobile Commerce Daily. “In 2013 this was just over 70 percent.”