Oh-Oh: Despite Knowing Better, Marketers Still Lack Skills to Deliver on Customer Experience


While many executives worldwide (about 25 percent) using data analytics have seen a positive shift in the ability to deliver superior customer experiences, too many are still lagging behind.

That’s the take from recent data from Accenture Interactive and Forrester Consulting. When those firms examined actions executive decision-makers are taking to improve customer experience, the researchers discovered that “less than half had taken action around customer experience activities, like improving analytic capabilities or creating more valuable content.”

“According to many of these same decision-makers, much of the fault for this growing inability to take action is internal,” according to eMarketer’s report. “In the same Accenture and Forrester Consulting survey, many marketing executives point to a lack of necessary customer experience skills among employees.”

In fact, the data showed that fewer than 50 percent of respondents felt their organizations had the requisite skills for customer experience disciplines, including project management and data analytics.

“Meanwhile, the same internal issues were evident when it came to collaboration,” reports eMarketer. “Fifty percent or less of respondents in the survey said they had workspaces that encouraged collaboration, while only 41 percent said they had dedicated business, design and development teams permanently “co-located” near one another to help facilitate information sharing.”