Oh, Baby, Are Smartphones Popular with Youngsters

The smartphone user market continues skewing to a much younger demographic.

And when we say “younger,” we mean really younger.

According to a new report from Ad Age – which is based on data exclusively given to AdAgeStat from an annual survey conducted by Parenting Group and the BlogHer network –  “younger moms are passing technology along to their kids at an early age.”

Just how early you ask? If the information presented in the report is, indeed, accurate, roughly 25% of all toddlers have used a smartphone.

Naturally, the article doesn’t imply that toddlers actually own their own smartphone. Instead, the information speaks to the number of parents who allow their children to “play” with Mommy or Daddy’s smartphone – more than likely to watch kid-friendly mobile content or play mobile-based games.

Digging deeper into the data we see that the percent of moms who haven’t let their children use a smartphone corresponds roughly to the percent of moms who don’t have a smartphone themselves.

Additionally, the AdAge piece highlights the so-called “sweet spots” for mobile usage among youngsters: Mobile phone, age 11; smartphones, age 16; laptop/PC, age 4; digital camera, age 5.

To read the full report from AdAge, click here.