Official White House App Revealed

Want to keep tabs on the White House? There’s an app for that.

The White House has formally unveiled an iPhone/iPod Touch application in a move that will deliver “dynamic content” from

Capitalizing on the fact that millions of Americans get their news and information via mobile content on a daily basis, the White House introduced the new app as a means for staying “transparent” and “connected.”

According to the’s official announcement of the app, “Mobile internet access is an important way Americans are staying informed. Mobile web usage grew over 100% in the last year in the United States and higher worldwide.” Accordingly, the application will provide access to the official White House blog, the latest from the Briefing Room, real time coverage of live White House events, behind-the-scenes photos, and on-demand videos.

Presidential speeches will also be archived in both text and video formats. Next week’s State of the Union speech, for example, will be available via streaming video through the White House app, which is free and now available for download from the iTunes App Store.