OfferMobi Set To Debut First Mobile Affiliate Network

OfferMobi Set To Debut First Mobile Affiliate NetworkI’ve long wondered when affiliate marketing would enter the mobile space, and now seems to be the time. is set to launch the first U.S.-Based affiliate network focused on the Mobile Web during Ad-Tech in San Francisco.

Launching with around 50 international offers to get things started, the new network is focused exclusively on mobile ready landing pages, compatible with a wide array of mobile phones and devices.  The solution fills a void in the mobile marketing industry whereby a true performance-based model was largely missing.

OfferMobi fills that void by bringing together advertisers and publishers with mobile related CPA offers and pay per call offers- the latter of the which being the most interesting.  Performance-based pay-per-call offers could be hugely successful if done correctly, but therein lies the problem with mobile affiliate marketing in general; consumer privacy.

While the payouts are good and the conversion rates are high, allowing anyone to promote your brands offers on mobile devices could be troublesome.  If a few publishers try shady tactics to encourage click-throughs and violate best practices or regulations, your brand will suffer as a result.

Still, mobile affiliate marketing is an intriguing concept and one that will begin to take shape in the coming years, even if it does come with its roadblocks.  Offermobi will act as a testing ground for the emerging concept and it will be interesting to find out how effective the network is for advertisers and mobile publishers alike.