OfferMobi Proves Mobile CPA Advertising Works, Generates Record Number Of Leads

OfferMobi is a startup that I’ve been watching closely.  It provides the first performance-based mobile advertising network — meaning advertisers only pay for “completed actions.”  As a long-time affiliate marketer, I’ve long seen mobile as the next frontier of CPA advertising, and OfferMobi seems to be making all the right moves.

In a recent press release, the company details its recent success in providing a mountain of leads for the verticals it serves, indicating the sectors on the network receiving the highest number of leads include dating, business opportunities, and education.  In September alone, OfferMobi generated over 14,000 leads for its advertisers in the education vertical and over 26,000 leads for their money and business advertisers.  As for dating offers, OfferMobi has granted more leads than any other vertical for mobile advertisers, providing them with more than 54,000 leads last month alone.

“The fact that we have been able to generate this amount of leads on our platform is true validation of our business model as the only Cost-per-Action mobile marketing network in North America,” said Mark Roth, CEO of OfferMobi. “Our CPA model enables our advertiser clients to benefit from not only an industry-best quantity of leads, but also ensures that the quality of their leads is far better than the industry standard.”

A “completed action” on the OfferMobi network includes actions such as a form being filled out with a prospect’s phone number or email address.  On the OfferMobi network, a lead can be characterized in several ways, including a premium content subscription, a newsletter opt-in, an SMS list subscription — or any other action advertisers want the end-user to take.  The concept has been around Online forever, but is just starting to take shape in mobile.  From the looks of things, OfferMobi is positioning itself as the clear leader, though competition will surely begin to loom.