OfferMobi Debuts Mobile Performance Marketing Solutions For Social Commerce, Daily Deals Market

OfferMobi, the first US-based mobile performance marketing network, today announced several new additions to its recently launched Daily Deal Mobile Marketing Platform.

The new additions are aimed at marketers within the social commerce, flash sale and daily deal markets, and will integrate its performance-based model which focuses on actions as opposed to clicks or impressions.  Daily deal site owners on the mobile Web will only pay for customer registrations or signups, for example, in lieu of paying for a certain number of impressions or paying per click.  This model also drives 100% non-incentivized traffic and app downloads.

OfferMobi has seen a lot of success with its so-called “affiliate model,” indicating that it has a network of 12,000+ mobile publishers and app developers who run managed performance campaigns for over 100+ brand and direct response advertisers across all mobile platforms.  To date, OfferMobi publishers have completed over 4.5 Million conversions for advertisers, according to the company.

OfferMobi says that as the daily deals market continues to heat up, it faces the same challenges these companies experienced on the Web – the challenge of inefficient customer acquisition.  This is where the company says its platform shines by providing high quality / high lifetime value customers for both mobile daily deal sites and apps.  “We are pleased to enter the Daily Deal industry with our new OfferMobi Daily Deal Mobile Marketing Platform,” said Mark Roth, CEO of OfferMobi. “We plan to build on the recent momentum within the Mobile Daily Deal space by expanding our tried and true performance-based mobile business model to new markets, and taking our customer service to the next level.”