Oculus Connect 2 Developer Conference Aided by iOS And Android Apps

Oculus Connect 2 Developer Conference Aided by iOS And Android AppsAnyone with a ticket to the 2015 Oculus Connect 2 (OC2) virtual reality developer conference this week might be wise to download the OC2 app.

The Oculus Connect 2 app has been released for both iOS and Android devices (and is also available via the web).

“The new Oculus app provides attendees with the ability to connect to other developers attending the event as well as view maps, schedules, and planners to help get the most from the two-day Oculus Connect 2 developer conference,” according to Geeky Gadgets.

OC2 is the second annual virtual reality (VR) developers conference sponsored by Oculus. Wrapping up later today in Hollywood, the conference is designed to bring together VR developers across a variety of platforms and mediums to share, connect, and collaborate in the interest of creating the best VR experiences.

“Oculus Connect 2 is open to everyone who has a passion for virtual reality and an interest in developing great virtual reality content,” explain conference organizers. “This includes VR developers, gaming, entertainment and cinematic content makers, innovators, creative thinkers, enthusiasts, and more.”

The Oculus Connect 2 iOS and Android apps can be downloaded here.

Details about the Oculus Connect 2 event are available here.