O2’s SMS Opt-In Service Reaches 2 Million Subscribers And Over 1,000 Advertisers

UK-based mobile operator O2 is seeing huge success with its “O2 More” SMS advertising service, announcing that it now has over 2 million actively engaged subscribers and over 1,000 advertisers.

Launched just 16 months ago with roughly 50 brands, O2 has found a winning strategy by adhering to strict user-privacy rules and maintaining high relevance with the messages it sends.  First off, the service only sends one SMS message per day, and the user explicitly details what kind of products and services they’re interested in upon sign up.  In addition, every single SMS contains an opt-out capability, so the customer can cancel O2 More at any time.

This is a big deal for a couple reasons.  This is the first large-scale attempt by a wireless operator to capitalize on the power of mobile marketing combined with a massive subscriber-base.  Also, it represents the immense success a service like this can be, if done properly.  We’ll no doubt see other operators follow suit in the near future.

“O2 More was created to give our customers what they really want,” said Shaun Gregory, Managing Director of O2 Media.  “Breaking through two million customers shows that we’re delivering on that promise.  What’s more, we’re delivering new highly-targeted, relevant and effective forms of communication for brands. Mobile messaging is the only way that brands can open up a unique one-to-one dialogue with customers and create real engagement. O2 More is all about creating an exciting customer and advertiser experience, backed up by one of the UKs most respected brands.”