NY Mets Take a Swing at Mobile Marketing

The New York Mets have a long way to go to patch things up with fans heartsick over the team’s, shall we say, less than stellar 2009 season.

But the organization is certainly trying.

And they’re hoping a mobile game plan will help.

Mobile marketing firm Txtstation is teaming with Verizon Wireless to roll out what’s being dubbed “an interactive in-park mobile campaign” that hones in on fans attending Mets home games at Citi Field.

Some of the most exciting elements are:

  • Verizon Fan Choice Awards — Nightly poll allowing fans to voice their opinion on various Mets topics
  • Wise Eight Inning Sing Along — Fan vote as to what song should be played during the 8th Inning break
  • Caesar’s Fan Forum — User generated content, via text messages, allowing fans to express their take on a pre-determined subject
  • Xerox Fan Photos — Photo submissions displayed in a slideshow-like manner
  • Txt-of-War — Simple voting format which pits opposing sides against each other.

For each particular promotion the voting results and content are displayed in real time on the video board in the stadium, which obviously punctuates the interactive atmosphere the Mets ballclub is trying to cultivate.