NXSystem Announces New Platforms to Manage Online Banking Activities

NXSystem Announces New Platforms to Manage Online Banking ActivitiesNXSystems, a global payments provider, shared with MMW this week details of their two new platforms to help airlines track and manage international transactions while increasing ROI and eliminating fraud.

NXSystems’ BankView and Tokensation solutions allow airlines to execute reservations and settle payment obligations “efficiently and safely while providing tracking through a centralised platform,” the company tells us.

With over one billion people having traveled abroad in 2014, international tourism is at an all-time high. The IATA strategic partner, NXSystems, unveiled BankView at the trade association’s World Financial Symposium in September.

BankView allows airlines to view and manage international online banking activities in one “easy platform.”

Tony Ashe, NXSystems Managing Director, says that BankView and Tokenisation “move the industry away from a paper-based reconciliation process by fully automating the reservation, payment processing and tracking cycle.”