Numo Completes In-App Mobile Advertising Trial With Some Ads Reaching 35 Percent CTR

A mobile application provider called “Numo” (formerly Mobile Nordic) has completed a lengthy in-app advertising trial using its suite of mobile apps that the company says resulted in some ads getting as high as 35% CTR overall.

The ad in question was for Opera Mini, the highly successful cross-platform mobile browser, that were promoted from within Numo’s three main app offerings.  Numo says it currently reaches over 3.5 million registered users.  The campaign for Opera Mini ran for 20 days in total and used different messages and placements for testing purposes.

“It was definitely interesting to see that we could reach as high as 35 percent of users clicking the ad in our cooperation with Numo,” said Angus Thompson, Opera Software’s marketing manager.  “We are still in our early phase – but it is clear that we will increase our investment in advertising.”

Numo’s mobile apps include “Autosync” as well as “SMS Preview” and “Finder.”  The startup wanted to test which ads performed the best for it’s highly targeted audience of users, with Opera being the clear-cut winner during the initial trials.  “We are proud to see that we have experienced above 35 percent of the users clicking on the ad,” said Numo’s CEO, Trond Ingebretsen.  “This shows that a smart ad that is correctly presented in the right application is a very cost effective way of spending marketing dollars.”

Surely there were other variables involved, which weren’t mentioned when Numo divulged its trial results, but 35% CTR is impressive no matter what medium you’re using.