NPD Says TV Lovers Now Love Watching TV on Anything But Their TV

TV viewing is really popular with TV viewers… just not on TV any longer.

You follow me?

According to a new and truly eye-opening report from NPD, use of tablet devices by consumers for viewing TV and video content more than doubled in 14 regional markets surveyed.

The findings were presented in the latest Global TV Replacement Study conducted by NPD.

The study indicates that more than 70% of consumers use alternate electronic devices such as tablets, notebook PCs, smart phones, MP3 players and desktop computers to view TV/video content.

“In mature markets like the U.S., the U.K. and Germany,” the report reads, “a higher number of people viewed video content on portable computing devices such as tablets and notebook PCs.”

“While the trends vary by region, it is evident that consumers around the globe are watching more video and TV content with their portable electronic devices as these provide additional means of accessing content,” says Riddhi Patel, Research Director of Consumer Insights for NPD DisplaySearch. “Despite this increase, however, TVs still remain the primary device of choice for viewing TV content, with 30% of consumers reporting that they view TV/video content on TVs alone.”

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