NPD: Samsung Eclipses Android Universe

According to a new report from NPD Group, in the U.S., the Android Universe is very quickly beginning to see the dominance of Samsung.

“The latest Samsung phone, Galaxy S 4, is not just a hardware launch, but rather shows off Samsung’s ability to leverage the Android bones to make a stronger overall device that is bigger than its parts,” NPD says in a post on its blog this week.

According to our new Q1 Connected Home report, over the past 3 months smartphones and tablets fueled the growth in connected devices. For the most part the mobile landscape is a battle for growth between iOS and Android OEMs. But it is starting to look more like a one-on-one match between Apple and Samsung.

From the way NPD see things, this is a war Samsung is winning.

“The release of the Galaxy S 4 appears as though Samsung’s strategy was to upgrade nearly every technical specification and add a significant number of new software features,” the research firm asserts, adding that Samsung’s new flagship phone will be the device to beat for iPhone and even other Android devices.

“As consumers evaluate the various high-end Android options the Galaxy will be very attractive in nearly all categories,” the post concludes. “The Galaxy S 4 will inevitably drive some iPhone users to cross-over into the Samsung Galaxy. And there will be other Android users that are enticed to try Samsung as well.”

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