NPD Research Shows Emerging Habits of Smartphone Owners

An undeniable trend in contemporary smartphone ownership is that users are putting standalone music players out of business.

According to the latest industry data from NPD Group, mobile devices – namely, tablets and smartphones – are increasingly being used as portable music players.

The findings are published in the new Audio Consumption Study from global information company The NPD Group.

Forty percent of tablet owners admit to using their device to listen to music, while 56 percent of smartphone users say the same about their device.

Among those using the smartphone for music listening, 39 percent said they listen to music at least once a day and half (54 percent) report they are using the device more for music compared with a year ago.

“With both local music storage and the ability to connect to any number of online music services, tablets and smartphones are actually contributing to a net increase in their owner’s use of Internet radio and personal music collections,” says Ben Arnold, NPD director of industry analysis.

“Products that enhance listening like streaming speakers and soundbars with Bluetooth and even premium headphones have experienced tremendous growth over the past year, [which] is evidence that consumers aren’t only satisfied with music on-the-go–they increasingly want to use these devices for a better in-home music experience,” Arnold adds.

Have you begun using your smartphone or tablet as a music player with greater frequency in the past year?